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Shibani Patnaik has been extensively trained in Odissi. Her instruction has entailed frequent visits to India to study under internationally acclaimed Gurus Padmashree Gangadhar Pradhan, Aruna Mohanty, Manoranjan Pradhan and Yudhistir Nayak from the Orissa Dance Academy in India. Shibani’s gurus have lived with the Patnaik family in San Diego, California for extended periods of time helping Shibani master the techniques of Odissi.

Shibani, daughter of Dr. Purna and Mrs. Gopa Patnaik embarked on her dance journey at an early age. Her parents have been committed to the preservation and promotion of Indian classical arts for the past thirty years through the Center for World Music in California and have always provided their daughters with the opportunity to immerse themselves in classical dance and music. Because of their support and encouragement and rigorous training by her Gurus, today, Shibani is flourishing as one of the leading dancers of her generation. She is an energetic dancer with a strong technical background who strikes the perfect combination of power and grace.

Odissi requires perseverance, precision and performance; it is simply not a form of mere entertainment but a method by which the artist strives to reach the soul of both the performer and the perceiver. Shibani impacts her audiences with the rapturous beauty of the arts, thus fulfilling aesthetic and sublime desires of peace, spirituality and compassion. Shibani believes art and music bring people of diverse cultures together by providing cultural understanding in a harmonious environment. Through dance, Shibani expresses deep feelings and emotions, which are universal to humanity. Shibani is dedicated to the diffusion of the message of peace and compassion through her art form.